Mastering the basics (who me?) – SCN Encourager 5/15/2013

Mastering the basics involves more than CYA…

There are more than 160 million websites and blogs out there trying to grab your attention.

Some writers have important messages they feel compelled to share with the world.

Me? I just try to offer up a daily Encourager with as few mistakes as possible. Once I get my goof-up percentage down to an acceptable level, I’ll tackle the whole “compelling message” thing. (But don’t panic yet. This is still a ways off…)

I’m finding that some of the most intriguing blogs are written by people who are at the tail end of their careers. (Not their lives, just their careers…) Their respective “life lessons” always seem to ring true.

Beyond appreciating their perspectives – shaped by age and experience – I also can’t help wondering if they turned to the internet to offer up their wisdom because it may be safer than any of the feedback they’d receive at home or work. (That’d be my worry. This is why I frequently write about my miscues… I actually walk this talk.)

John Bossong is a retired truck rental & leasing general manager in Tennessee. His “Mastering the Basics” essay caught my eye.

He says there are three things to master:
1.  Think long-term.
2.  Don’t get complicated.
3.  Set high expectations.

To be honest with you, I like his list. A lot. It made me think about what three things I’d say were important to master. And from there, I’d ask you what three things you’d say.

It’ll be a long time before I can share my list, though. I’m still sorting through all of the skills and virtues I’ve mastered. I haven’t really found one yet, but I’m close. I score off the charts on everything to do with “procrastination” – but I’m not sure this fits.

Hopefully, your Big 3 are within your grasp.

For now, it looks like you should plan on the Encourager tomorrow to fixate the short-term, be rambling and convoluted, and not shoot for the stars.

But hey, I think I just discovered my Big 3!

Tom Page, SCN
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