Maybe this is how Eva Peron felt.—SCN Encourager 12/4/2013

Wow! The interest in Canva was over the top!

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Even my wife Cindy noticed my upbeat demeanor.

“What’s made you so happy?” she asked over dinner last night.

“The response to Tuesday’s Encourager was incredible,” I replied. “I made a lot of new friends… thanks to”

“How so?” she nudged.

“Well, remember the scene in the musical Evita, where Eva Peron enchants the masses?”

“Yeah… what’s it got to do with you and the Encourager?”

“Well,” I repeated. “Yesterday I presented a new online design resource called Canva and the response I got back was overwhelming. Honestly!  I received so many nice comments — I think I have a sense of how Eva Peron must have felt. What would you think if I ran for Congress in 2014?”

“Before you get carried away… tell me. How’d you discover Canva in the first place?”

“I didn’t. Mike Stelzner of the Social Media Examiner did — and I just passed the link along.”

“So, Mike Stelzner made the discovery and checked it all out. Not you?”

“What’s your point?” I asked. (Big mistake. I should’ve just said “yes” and started chewing on something.)

“I’m just wondering if people were actually responding because of HIS recommendation rather than yours…”

“Hardly,” I muttered. “People were responding to me. I know this because people had to request to be my friend… so I could then sign them into Canva… or they had to sign up for Canva all by themselves.”

“Okay,” she pressed. “Answer this one. When you look at all of the responses you received, did more people tell you they were going to sign up for Canva on their own, or did more people ask outright to be your friend?”

“I’m not really sure,” I dodged. “Figuring out the responses I get back is way too complicated. You’re in the healthcare field. Don’t over-think this. School communicators are different.”

“Don’t I know it! Trying to ever get a straight answer out of you is impossible.”

“Just honing my skills, hon.'”

“Okay. Tell me. Did you promote Canva as a free service?”

“Of course I did. It is a free service after all.”

“So… despite my mere background in healthcare… let me see if I have this correct. Your ego is soaring tonight because you wrote to people about a free service that was highly recommended by an expert, someone other than you. Am I even close to having this right?”

“Well, yeah,” I conceded. (Ever the agreeable one.)

“So do you remember how Evita ended?” she asked.

(I did. But I wasn’t about to say it aloud. It was time for dessert.)

Tom Page, SCN
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