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Other than having your desk stationed right by your Superintendent’s

Meet Joe Pulizzi.

Joe’s the founder of the Content Marketing Institute in Cleveland, Ohio.

Because content marketing is hot, hot, hot (AKA amazingly trending up and to the right), Joe’s on the radar screens of many top communicators and marketers who possess large Klout scores and massive “influencer” follows.

He’s also on mine.

(Which I’m sure must drive him nuts… since I probably drive his popularity averages down like no one else can!) 

Joe keeps repeating something in his This Old Marketing podcast that I think bears repeating to you.

“The key to great marketing is simple,” he points out (a lot). “You’ve got to keep falling in love with your client MUCH MORE SO than falling in love with your products, programs, and promotions.”

We don’t use the word “client” much in our schools, but we all know what he means.

Sometimes we inadvertently allow “what we love” to trample over “who we love” and our school PR effort gets hurt as a result.

Obviously, Joe believes executing solid content marketing strategies is a remedy, and if you’d like to learn more about content marketing yourself, here’s the link to his overview.

There are more than a few real-world applications for K12 school communicators.

And as a regular to his podcast, I don’t think he’d mind me telling you about one of his personal inner demons.

Because some of us can relate to his struggles and pain.

Joe’s an avid fan of the NFL and the Cleveland Browns.

Can you believe it?

He’s more hopeless than any of us Lion fans!

Uh… oops!

I keep forgetting.

I gotta be careful about what I love.

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