The one metric we should all nudge in the right direction – SCN Encourager

Okay, maybe I’m the only who needs to nudge this.

But it’s an important metric, nonetheless.

dogAnd it’s grounded in one of our profession’s most cherished criteria –

it’s research-based.

So it’s unfortunate that nearly every organization offering products and services routinely goes about its business without ever fully coming to grips with this sad fact.

It isn’t something  just affecting us school people.

The sad fact is this:

When organizational leaders and managers are asked if they regularly survey, listen to feedback, and respond to their customers, more than 70% indicate, “YES. And we do this well.”

But when actual customers of these organizations are asked if the respective organization listens to them and responds to their feedback, more than 70% indicate, “NO. We answer their surveys and rarely see anything change.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.53.11 AMHoly crap.
What a gap! 
(* Yep, this brilliant rhyme is intentional.)

But this “sad fact gap” does give us a big opportunity.

It serves up one perceived reality we can positively impact right away.

We just have to make the commitment and proceed with slow and steady steps in the right direction.

This all seems so simple, doesn’t it?

And I couldn’t help wondering why so many organizational leaders and managers keep consistently flubbing the dub on this.

So I brought up the topic with Cindy at home.

ListenI wanted to hear her thoughts on this “sad fact gap.”

To get things going, I asked her if she believed I listened to her attentively and engaged with her interests, needs, and concerns at least 70% of the time.

Uh, oh.

This wasn’t the best way to get conversation started, I should point out so you don’t make the same mistake.

But I did gain a broader and better understanding about why I – for one – keep flubbing the dub.

I only hope that some of what I learned will help me tackle this “sad fact gap” at work!

And with that –

I wish you a pleasant and productive first day of August.

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