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You can put me in the “It’s Tough to Tell” category.

It’s sad in a way.

Research shows that high achieving successful people have consistent morning routines.

This isn’t good.

It means I’ve got to avoid reading any research summaries about those of us who don’t have consistent morning routines.

It could be painful.

For me, the truth is like baby aspirin.

I can only take it in small, non-lifestyle changing doses.

I’ve got to level-up my morning routine somehow – even if it’s just to begin exploring what’s possible.

When I googled “morning routines of the most successful” I received more that 14 million hits.



Think I’m kidding?

Click on this link and prepare to be overwhelmed.

It was all way too much for me to plow through.

So I took decisive action and listened to a podcast.

A success coach on it said people who achieve great success typically have morning routines consisting of 6-8 distinct activities.

Heck, I’m up several times – throughout the night and into the early morning – but since it’s always for the same reason, the success coach won’t give this activity any credit.

At first I thought I was doing okay in the morning routines department.

But then Cindy pointed out that “being predictable” wasn’t the same thing as a morning routine, so I knew I had to keep trying to learn more about them.

According to the success coach, one of the most universal and beneficial morning routines is meditation.

He said it’s important to take just 5 minutes to be totally quiet… to focus and listen to your breathing… in, then out… and also be mentally aware of our body’s other amazing intricacies.

So I tried this out.

It flopped.

All I heard was my stomach rumbling and then (in trying to be more aware of my body) I started wondering if my ears were actually growing larger with every passing week.

I just didn’t see any value coming out of this at all.

So if the most successful among us choose to ground themselves in quiet moments of nuanced self-reflection, more power to them.

This isn’t to say I’m not better than these folks at something, though.

When it comes to offering up spontaneous bursts of silent prayer during times of desperation and panic, I’m a pro.

This has been my routine for years.

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