How movers and shakers “spent” their time while I was eating pie and watching football – SCN Encourager

My  secret spies confirm it. Movers and shakers INVEST rather than SPEND.

And I’m not talking about more than money here.

See a mover and shaker here? I don't. Where's Waldo?

See a mover and shaker here? I don’t. Where’s Waldo?

For sure.

Today’s upper tier leaders simply don’t fit the profile of most of our wild and crazy Black Friday shoppers.

Movers and shakers don’t anything I routinely do, sad to admit.

Well, shaving, maybe.

They do that.
(But I doubt they listen to podcasts and sports talk radio while doing it though.)

Movers and shakers just do things differently.

And as leaders committed to intentionally impacting the attitudes, behaviors, and culture within their organizations, they have firmed up their 2016 goals and action plans already.

This is a big way they are different.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 7.59.09 PMThey don’t believe in vague resolutions inspired by the calendar.

They don’t wait around to see “what’s trending” as they head into New Year’s Day.

They’ve set their investment priorities for the new year in motion right now.

And remember, I’m not talking about money here.

So, thanks to my spies, here’s what I’ve learned.


#1  How they direct their ATTENTION: with whom (key relationships), on what, when, and where…including attending to their health and fitness

#2  How they nurture their GRATITUDE: making sure to connect with its psychological benefit; which research says is right up there with meditation and prayer

#3  A PROCESS OR SYSTEM that both prunes and promotes: They will say “no” in order to say “yes.” They are comfortable in “letting go” of old ways in order to “move ahead” with new ways.

Movers and shakers just do things differently.

They don’t keep piling onto their plates.

They do what it takes to beat back the overwhelm.

Wish I could say the same.

Too much couch-potatoing has hampered my own moving and shaking of late.

I’d better do something about this soon –

or hope that “tummy jiggling” has some yet undiscovered hidden value.

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