Oh my! Not in Michigan, too! – SCN Encourager 7/1/2013

Look what I found only 4 miles away from home!

Last week I posted photos of two road signs I spotted in Indiana while traveling back from North Carolina.

Apparently – with the speed of social media what it is – the Indiana Chamber of Commerce launched its speedy-kwik response plan to ensure that my current “laser-like focus on road signs” wouldn’t miss the one displayed not too far away from my own backyard. (Fair is fair.)

Take a gander at the sign below. No business in Michigan should be victimized in this manner. Once I look up the number of our local “Silent Observer” hotline, I’m calling in my tip to implicate the Indiana Chamber and then await the inevitable big reward that’ll be coming my way.









And don’t worry. I don’t have any more photos of signs. This is it.

While I’m positive I could’ve found a few more goofy signs – given my “laser like focus” and all – I think that if I pulled the car over one more time while on vacation to take another sign photo, my wife would’ve confined me to sleeping in the garage once we got home.

Not that I wouldn’t have sacrificed for you and the photographic needs of future Encouragers, but I’m a wimp. OK? While our garage has a fridge and hot & cold running water, it doesn’t have A/C or cable.

I didn’t want to chance it, so we concluded our trip without any more photo stops.

But in reading last week’s email feedback, there’s something I’m still thinking about.

Do you – as a school communicator – receive comments from your teachers like this one at least five times a month when school is in session? “Hey, good to see you. You really missed it. I should’ve called you about that great event that took place at school YESTERDAY. What a story and photo op! Oh, well. It would’ve been just perfect for the website, too. I forgot to let you know. Sorry.” 

I hear this almost weekly from September through June.

Surprisingly, the three photos I’ve emailed out in last three days have caused similar responses… from several of you.

“Hey, Tom,” these emails typically say, “Funny photo. You should see the one I took on our trip! It’s even better.”

And, of course, I believe you. I’d like to see it.

Let’s make this happen.

Between now and July 31, if you see a funny sign along the road or posted on a building, take a quick photo and email it in. Just use the “connect@” email link below my name.

I’m curious to see what you’ve got. Plus, we’ll even make a contest out if it.

When you submit your photo, please include a general location of where your photo was taken. Nothing more.

Don’t over-do the caption and description. (This rule’s a biggie.)

Here are some examples of descriptions I DO NOT need:
•  This photo was taken outside of our oceanside estate in the Hamptons.
•  Here I am inside the Lottery Office holding the Powerball grand prize ticket.
•  Here’s the packet Miguel Cabrera used to FEDx me free tickets to the Tigers.
•  Cool sign, isn’t it? Sorry ’bout the big “Pebble Beach” logo casting such a shadow.
•  No photo to send. I drive a Porsche. I don’t stop for dumb signs.

Got it? Just send in your photo of a funny or unusual sign by July 31 with minimal showing off.

And don’t think of July 31 as a deadline. I realize we don’t like deadlines. Consider July 31 more like a future special moment in time where YOU and your photo could be showcased in one of my best-ever daily Encouragers. Think of the potential recognition for you on this platform!

In comparison to this possibility, all of your real-world deadlines now seem a little less vexing, don’t they? (I thought so.)

Tom Page, SCN

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