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And increasing your FOCUS is critical if you hope to improve the effectiveness of your branding effort.

Gates and Buffet agree that focus is #1. (I also enthusiastically agree, but I wasn't invited to the handshake photo opp.)

Gates and Buffet agree that focus is #1. (I also enthusiastically agree, but I wasn’t invited to the handshake photo opp.)

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and I are in full agreement.

To accomplish your objectives, nothing is more important than FOCUS.

In fact, the unique three-way partnership I have with Bill and Warren provides tangible real-world proof about the power of FOCUS.

As our partnership illustrates; if you consistently apply FOCUS… there’s a 66 2/3% likelihood that you’ll become a billionaire.

Do the math.

Do you need a better incentive to pay more attention to your FOCUS?

So here’s the place to start – particularly as it relates to your branding.

Mark Schaefer is a marketing professor at Rutgers and acclaimed author.

He believes that upgrading the public perception of your organization’s brand begins with how well you can answer this open-ended sentence:  “Only we …”

Whatcha’ think?

In your district, how would you complete the “Only we…” sentence?

And then – could you even predict how other members of your staff would finish it?

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.30.24 PMIf they actually wrote down their completed sentences and taped them up onto a wall, do you think their sentences would express similar thoughts about your district’s distinct attributes or would their words reveal that there are very few commonly shared themes at all?

Don’t feel bad if you find this sentence completion exercise a struggle.

“Only we…” and “Only here…” are often difficult sentences to address in every organization.

And please, don’t feel too bad, either, if Bill, Warren, and I refrain from extending invitations to join our closely knit trio.

It’s just that we are united and unwavering in our stand about the importance of FOCUS.

And besides, if we allowed just one more person in, the chances of any partner becoming a billionaires drops down to 50% from its present 66 2/3%.

I know this because I just received an email from Bill and Warren asking me to quit.

“Only we… are capable of bumping up our partnership’s percentage to 100%,” they wrote. “And your continued participation prevents this from happening.”



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