Prank your way to school video viral success – SCN Encourager

This seemingly peaceful stroll in the park should give you an idea or two.

How could making a short video be any easier?

You could even tap your choir, theater, cheerleaders, or robotics teams!

Just follow these 8 simple steps:

1.  Choose a student group.
2.  Brainstorm and create a fun (and brief!) scenario.
3.  Decide on when and where to “just do it.”
4.  Recruit two or three video-taking co-conspirators.
5.  Record the action, quickly edit, and post your video.
6.  Link your video to your website and elsewhere.
7.  Trust your student group participants to share it. (They will.)
8.  Have your school attorney on call just in case your “victims” aren’t
as good-natured as the folks in the video above were.

I was going to try pulling one of the school teams together in my district to totally surprise and “prank” Cindy somehow and report back to you.

I imagined that would be easier than sitting down to outline and write out the list of the 8 simple steps.

But then I actually thought about it a bit more – fully wimped out – and chose the safe path.

Cindy already has several presents for me under our tree and I don’t want to break the momentum..

The wrong prank would do that.

(Even the right prank might, too!)


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