An anniversary saver & more. – SCN Encourager 5/29/2013

How do you do more with less? (Time, that is.)

If I were interviewing you on the radio or as part of a panel discussion, I’d be interested in how you’d answer the above question.

From that giant big box storehouse which rations “time.” we all receive an equal daily allocation…  and how well we process and manage “it” affects our ability to juggle our numerous projects while keeping our “I like people” level up and our general stress level low.

You’d probably have good advice for me.

But in case you didn’t, I also try to listen closely whenever I hear a successful author, a leadership coach, an award-winning teacher, or a marketing expert address how they manage their time.

And over the last several months, I’ve heard two web-based resources recommended frequently.

Both of these tools are designed to help you prioritize your email inbox (difficult for me) as well as allow you to “re-schedule and re-send a received email as a timed reminder” (more do-able).

If receiving an easy-to-do “friendly reminder” from yourself would come in handy once in awhile, give these a look:  and  Boomerang for Gmail

I know I’m enjoying my new email reminder advantage!

For many years, people used to email me their invitations to retirement parties, birthday parties, and backyard cookouts long before the day of the event… and as the weeks would roll by… I’d forget all about them and miss out on all the fun.

But not anymore. Now that I can re-send their invitations at later dates as email reminders to myself – you should see their faces when I show up at their door!

Tom Page, SCN

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