How SavvySexySocial Amy Schmittauer “prepares” (it’s kinda different!) – SCN Encourager

Like Ron Howard, Amy believes “the magic” only comes after good preparation.

Many of you told me you resonated with Monday’s Encourager.

Creating Magic - Female open hand appearing to send out a stream of sparkles and glitter on a golden and black flowing backgroundIn it, I highlighted the shout out Ron Howard gave to the importance of preparation.

His observation oozed with credibility.

As few Hollywood movie directors have his track record of accomplishment.

Many of you also told me you impressed by social media authority Amy Schmittauer in our March Lunchinar.

Just like Holly McCaw’s enlightening conversation with futurist David Zach a few weeks ago, Amy’s engaging presentation of knowledge and experience was a gift.

So you won’t be surprised to find out that Amy is firmly grounded in Ron Howard’s total preparation bootcamp.

How do I know?

Well, get this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.37.36 PMNext week Amy is the opening keynote speaker at a mega social media and content marketing conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

(Cindy is convinced Amy is leaving Columbus, Ohio to escape me badgering her for another Lunchinar appearance!)

To prepare for this prestigious gig, Amy sent out an email to people in her social coaching group Monday morning to announce that she was going to live stream a “dress rehearsal” of her keynote and wanted everyone’s feedback before she left for Scotland.

A gutsy and confident move.

Especially since she also invited a small real-life audience of close friends to also offer comments and critique.

This amazed me, too.

About the only way I can get friends to show up for anything of mine is if I’m smoking a brisket out on my patio!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.49.32 PMAnyway, I clicked on Amy’s live stream link… figuring she’d be honored to receive honest feedback from me later… as gleaned via my keen school PR eye.

When Amy said “dress rehearsal” she meant it.

When a friend formally introduced her onto the small stage, Amy began her 45 minute speech (100%) just as she planned to do in Edinburgh.

It was a rare thing to witness.

To see someone so intent on individual preparation… and to then be so open to comment and critique.

Jason and his son

Jason and his son

I can understand why Thursday’s Lunchinar guest Jason Wheeler went to Social Media Marketing World 2016 in San Diego last month to hear Amy and other notable online communication leaders.

The event must’ve delivered high value to a school PR pro like Jason hour by hour.

That’s probably why so many of you are interested in hearing about Jason’s takeaways and trends.

I am, too!

Now in case you’re curious about the feedback I sent back to Amy…

well, I actually didn’t have any to send back.

Her dress rehearsal was stellar.

I think she must’ve had a dress rehearsal before her dress rehearsal.

The little sneak! 

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