Did you know you’re like an Israeli judge? – SCN Encourager 10/10/2013

Even in “getting to yes”… timing is everything.

Derek Halpern is brilliant, straight-talking, and outrageous.

His snappy “Social Triggers” video commentaries are always intriguing , particularly as he blends human psychology, real-world research, marketing, salesmanship, and communication techniques.

He recently investigated whether the time of day played any factor at all in arriving at positive outcomes.

Any study that undertakes to look beyond “skill and talent” is one that has my attention.

Who knows? Maybe “dependability and work ethic” are way overrated, too.

Anyway, back to the time of day factor.

Halpern reviewed a Ben-Gurion University study which presented new data on Israeli judges who decide “parole” cases in its country’s courts.

The study covered numerous judges with more than 20 years of experience on average.

The judges heard 15-35 individual cases per day and their eventual decision in all cases involved the issuing of a clear edict, “yes” (ok for parole) or “no” (no parole).

Thumbs up or thumps down. That’s it.

Couldn't find a photo of chocolate cake...

Couldn’t find a photo of chocolate cake…

Halpern reports that the study found – that despite the background evidence or predicted future behavior of the lawbreaker – the judges granted parole by a 65% margin for those offenders whose cases were heard right after breakfast or lunch.

Then as the morning or afternoon wore on and stomachs began to grumble, the chances of parole declined.

After meal times, the judges were less distracted and impatient. (Substitute “judges” for “MEAP test-takers.” This works, too.)

Halpern recommends that if you’re seeking to reach agreement or attempting to get someone on board with one of your ideas or programs, meet after a typical meal time.

Or better yet, plan to meet together over a meal and improve your odds big time.

Just avoid late morning and mid-afternoon meetings if the stakes are important.

Because Halpern is such a mainstay on YouTube, I find that when I’m watching one of his videos, I’m never more than a click away from an amazing sports clip or some new grilling recipe.

In this sample video, Derek talks about “The Power of Thank You.” It’s worth a look-see.

I’d thank you in advance for watching it, but you’d only think I was trying to manipulate you.

Maybe someday – I’ve got a few more videos to study first.

Tom Page, SCN
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