This public billboard gives a secret message. – SCN Encourager 2/28/2014

And at first… I didn’t think this was a big deal.

After all, I’ve could’ve written newsletters and flyers with secrets in them, too, if given the opportunity.

I can’t help it if people won’t confide in me.

And why they won’t puzzles me.

I can almost guarantee that their secrets are totally safe with me.

Who would a person prefer to spill his or her guts to… a writer like me… or a writer who people actually read?

You see my point. I’ve got to be the first choice.

I’m tremendous at keeping secrets under wraps — even if I’m doing my level best to publicize them! 

For years I have routinely released the confidential code names and passwords of bankers, movie stars, NFL draft scouts, and international spies without any breach of national security or personal reputation.

Did you even know this?

Very few others did, either.

See, I’m safe.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.30.03 PMSo it is with “secrets” in mind that I introduce this unique sidewalk billboard to you.

The explainer video for this billboard is only about a minute and describes an unusual, yet highly effective communications strategy.

The billboard delivers one message to adults and an entirely different message to children, even if they are all walking by it together at the same time.

It’s more than scientific magic.

It shares a powerful anti-child abuse message as well.

Here is the YouTube link.

I hope you’ll take a look at the video.

There are several elements in it that I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

So as you look ahead to another weekend in our Michigan “deep freeze,” I wish you the best in your attempts to warm things up.

Go ahead and be –
daring… spontaneous… and carefree!

Just please be sure to report your weekend exploits back to me so I can write about them.

Remember… your secrets are always safe with me.

Tom Page, SCN
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