Get ready for the bright lights of Broadway! – SCN Encourager 4/1/2014

The rollicking adventures of school communicators hit the stage!

SpinningPlatesOK… so maybe this venue is more like “off-off Broadway.”

But so what?

The world is catching on to all that we do – and soon – the big brass ring of fame and fortune will be within our grasp..

This riveting action-packed tale about the trials and tribulations of school leaders and communicators has made it to the BIG stage... if not quite the BIG city.

And while the actual reviews of this production haven’t come outtrust me, once they do, they’ll be glowing!

How could they not be?  If any group of professionals glows, it’s us!

I’m also confident that a movie version is in the works for 2016. (So I’d advise you to keep your district’s subscription to the “Hollywood Reporter” active despite the protest from your finance director. Hang tough on this. What do finance people know about publicity and promotions anyway?) 

So… A BIG SHOUT-OUT to everyone in our school communicators tribe!

(And you thought I’d concoct some pitiful April Fool’s hoax today…not something this awesome!) 

Tom Page. SCN
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