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Holly McCaw 2016Why languish during lunch, erasing 95 draft emails, when you can imbibe in our free, 45-minute #scnLunchinar? Learn from communications experts as they are deftly interviewed by SCN’s Holly McCaw. Or, contact us directly at:  Languishing is so 14th Century!




#scnLunchinar: January 29, 2018
SCN’s Holly McCall picks the brains of two podcasting experts!


#scnLunchinar: November 17, 2017
Doug Baker shares tips from the trenches!

Public Information Officer Doug Baker talks about communicating with specific audiences:


#scnLunchinar: January 26, 2017
Jean MacLeod:  You are your own brand!

Social media expert Jean MacLeod introduces four branding minions that will help you establish your mark in the world.  And, they’re easy to use:

#scnLunchinar: November 9, 2016
Don Taylor’s doing social media stuff we all dream about

Have you tried Twitter chat/bingo with your staff? How about communicating with your parents using Pixlr, Storify, Instagram, and Facebook Live?  Don Taylor, a TV news veteran now employed as communication specialist and webmaster for a Columbus Ohio school district, uses them all.  He walks us step by step through all of them in this #scnLunchinar:


#scnLunchinar: September 2016
Rick Kaufman shares vital info for crisis management

In 1999, Rick Kaufman led the school Crisis Response Team and became a familiar face and voice in national media coverage of the Columbine High School tragedy in Littleton, Colorado. Today, as head of communications of a Minnesota school district, Rick’s message is as vital as ever.

#scnLunchinar: May 2016
Jason’s mantra:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Repeat.

Holly interviews Jason Wheeler, an energetic and cutting-edge school PR pro from a very large school district in Carrollton, Texas. He preaches the word on the importance of social media for public schools. In this interesting #scnLunchinar, Jason shares what he knows and what he learned from the 2016 Social Media Marketing World Conference.
Enjoy Jason’s one-minute #scnMasterMoment:

#scnLunchinar: April 2016
David Zach, Futurist and ravenous bookworm

Futurist David Zach makes us stop and think about what we see and do every day. He understands that significance and value are found beyond whatever tomorrow’s cool gadgets may be. Check out this intriguing #scnLunchinar interview with David, conducted by SCN’s Holly McCaw.

Enjoy David’s one-minute #scnMasterMoments:





#scnLunchinar: March 2016
Amy Schmittauer, founder of Savvy Sexy Social

Amy Schmittauer is the founder u0026amp; face of Savvy Sexy Social, an online show helping rising stars and think-big brands embrace their personality and share it with the world. SCN’s Holly McCaw interviews Amy from a school communicator’s perspective: how can schools use social media to gain the trust of their audience and maintain a loyal following?

Click HERE to learn more about Amy’s well-earned credentials as an internationally-acclaimed public speaker on the subject of video and social branding.

Amy gets right to the point in these #scnMasterMoments:

#scnLunchinar: February 2016
Superintendent Kelly Middleton, customer service “preacher”

School superintendent Kelly Middleton tossed out so many customer service gems, they’re still on our mind. Especially since his district in Newport, Kentucky, has huge pockets of poverty and financial challenges.He’s not speaking from some lavish gated community called Stepford.

Check out Kelly’s books:

Enjoy these one-minute clips by Kelly:


#scnLunchinar: January, 2016
Jen Harris, School Communications Director in VA, #growing your online audience

SCN’s Holly McCaw interviews the dynamic communication team at Arlington Public Schools in Virginia. Jen Harris and her staff use hashtags and Twitter as key components of communication with school parents and community.

Learn more about the work of this communication team.

Absorb these one-minute gems from Arlington experts:

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