It’s time for you to snap up another SuperPower! (45 minute SCN Lunchinar Jan. 29)

Join us on Monday, January 29.

Crank up the volume on your audio skills (up to 11!) and better communicate with your parents and prospects while they’re walking the dog, doing the dishes, or driving to work.

You guessed it!

The topic for our free 45-minute Lunchinar is PODCASTING and you’ll want to hear how you can easily tap into the popularity of  podcasts to elevate your school district’s PR and outreach.

Sadly, it’s true.

Despite my best efforts to write like a mad man for the Encourager, people everywhere are reading less and less.

Sure, maybe it’s because of me this is happening (…like I don’t know what you’re thinking!), but I really don’t think I’m to blame.

It’s not my fault that millions of super-busy people today prefer to get their news, event information, and updates via the audio and visual channels that put them in full control of what they want to see and hear and when.

Holly McCawI wouldn’t let Monday’s Lunchinar on Podcasting pass you by.

SCN Lunchinar Host Holly McCaw – the communications director for Otsego Public Schools – has lined up two incredible guests who will take us to the next level in “growing in what we know.”

Think about it.

If a new tool in your bag of tricks can help you communicate with your audiences a little better without much extra work, it’s definitely worth checking it out, don’tcha think?

Especially if you can sit back and eat lunch at the same time!

And Holly’s eager to dive into podcasting and a few other school PR tips with Jason Wheeler and Dan Moyle. 

Jason is the Marketing Coordinator for the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District in Texas – and probably very much like you – his duties are varied and he pursues them all passionately with a willingness to keep learning.

As a recognized school PR leader (with a great blog to boot!), Jason has discovered podcasting can be a quicker way to connect with an intended audience without the fuss of video.

Along with his advice on how to start a podcast, Holly will ask Jason about the cool way his district in Texas is reaching out to prospective new teachers.

This is another reason why we’re excited to have Jason on an SCN Lunchinar for the second time.

Now if you have any doubts at all about the POP factor in podcasting, Dan Moyle will set you straight – all in a nice way, of course.

Dan is the Chief Marketing Officer with Interview Valet and he’s part of a skyrocketing company that is using podcasting as the vehicle to take online marketers and other businesses to success they never thought possible.

I’d say he knows a thing or two about marketing we’d benefit from hearing.

I’m looking forward to Monday!

Jason’s a believer in our public schools.
Dan’s a believer in listening to learn.
And Holly’s a believer in asking the right questions.

And me?

Well… we don’t have the time and space to get into all of that.

So just join us for the Lunchinar on Monday, dang it!

Our SCN Lunchinars are FREE live streaming chats that run from 12:15 – 1 pm EST.

Sign up for the one on Monday, Jan. 29 right here.

See you then!

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