Would you take marketing advice from a doomsday prepper? – SCN Encourager

Did you see Seth Godin’s blog yesterday?

It was titled “The End of Everyone.”

doomsday prepperYou can see why at first I thought it came from a member of the official gloom and doom club.

But in 43 words (plus four fill-in-the-blank spaces), he describes the real-world environment affecting school communicators today with pinpoint precision.

As we continue to strategically see-saw between identified “target markets” and hoped for “common ground,” Godin makes it clear which side is now the heavyweight difference-maker, now and forever more.

About the only universal statement we can make, it seems, is that there are no more true universal statements to be made.

That’s his 43 word assessment, anyway.

You’ll marvel at his clever minimalist style.

In contrast, it’s taken me 130 words just to praise it.

Dang. (Make that 131.)

Have a great Labor Day weekend! (137)


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