Seven things every school leader needs – SCN Encourager 9/10/2013

And I didn’t just dream up this list, either.

A former CEO shared this list in a recent INC magazine article.

Marc Barros founded and used to be “Mr. Big” at Contour, now a multi-national, multi-million dollar company.

The seven items he included on his list surprised me.

Which is logical, since my own career offers no assistance in brainstorming this kind of list.

I could easily prepare a list of things that every “one-person” non-million dollar school communications office needs.

Creating a list of “must haves” for a weekend jaunt to the French Riviera would take a wee bit more time.

So what do you think of Barros’ list?

The items seem simple enough, but maybe that’s what make them so hard to get.

Are these things you need more of?

1.  Exercise daily. (for a positive attitude)

2.  Get some rest. (for increased energy)

3.  Take a break. (for reflection)

4.  Get a weekly massage. (for YOU)

5.  Listen. (for less preaching from the “whiteboard”)

6.  Prioritize people. (to bring out their best)

7.  Talk to someone. (everyone needs a confidant)

Barros says that it really is “lonely at the top” and top leaders should intentionally seek out trusted advisors and take good care of their mindsets and energy levels. (Who else will?)

I bounced this “lonely at the top” concept off my wife and asked her if she thought this was true for me.

She didn’t think so.

She believes any loneliness I have is more impacted by personality rather than by position.

She said she may be wrong, though.

But I’d have to become the CEO of a multi-national, multi-million dollar company for her to know for sure.

Tom Page, SCN
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