Still on the lookout for savvy communicators – SCN Encourager 6/23/2014

And these two could round out Friday’s program nicely.

I just hope I can afford their speaking fees.

Kids Talking at 9.17.29 AM










I’ve never actually seen the communications tool they’re demonstrating in person, so hopefully they’re willing to lend their expertise at the “Come Smart. Leave Smarter.” seminar in Lansing this Friday.

I’d like to get on the bandwagon and be early adopter of something!

It would be easy enough to add them to the roster of our presenters.

As you can see, Friday’s agenda is written in chalk. Making edits and revisions couldn’t be simpler.

CS LS at 1.13.52 PM

Now what about YOU?

If your schedule changes unexpectedly later in the week, you’re welcome to still join us if you can.

Please keep Friday’s seminar in mind if you happen to wrap up one of your key projects earlier than you originally thought possible.

Now, if you’re able to attend, though… I hope you’ll come prepared to tell us how you completed your project ahead of time.

This is a rare feat!

And it’s certainly another best practice I should work on.

So, roll on in.

We need communicators like you!

I’ll get out the felt eraser and some chalk and indicate that you’ll speak right after the two five year-old superstar communicators I’m still trying to line up.

carMon 062314


















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