Your incoming kindergartners. Uncut diamonds? Little acorns? Or just nobodies? – SCN Encourager

Thanks to this book – “nobodies” has my vote.

Here’s why.

Guy at 7.51.27 PMGuy Kawasaki is a former top executive at Apple.

He is now the top dog at Canva, maker of the simple graphic design software that 98% of the planet is raving about. (for good reason)

Awhile back, I wrote about Kawasaki’s TEDx talk in which he highlighted the 12 lessons he learned by working alongside Steve Jobs.

For school leaders and communicators, it’s a classic. (Uh, the talk, that is…)

So, it’s not a bad idea to check-in with Kawasaki every now and then, especially if your brain needs a fresh jolt of stimulation.

I definitely prefer Kawasaki to some alternative, like an ice cold shower in the morning.

His book Enchantment is full of targeted mental pokes, which is not surprising since its tagline is “The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.”

I highly recommend this book… but if you’re not inclined to read it, there’s not much I can do about it.

Svengali, the-can't-say-no-to-him school communicator!

Svengali, the-can’t-say-no-to-him school communicator!

I just finished Enchantment last week, so I still haven’t mastered the whole “changing minds” process.

But once I do – watch out!

I’m going to change the name plate outside of my office door to Svengali. 

Anyway, Kawasaki tosses out plenty of brain rattling nuggets.

Wrestle with this particular one from page 113.

“Remember, nobodies are the new somebodies in a world of wide-open communications.”

At first I missed this statement’s significance.

But then I woke up to the incredible relevance it has for us and the good things happening in our schools.

We partner with parents to help their little nobodies become our society’s future somebodies.


What could be more exciting and worthwhile than this?

And this gives each one of us an inspiring speedy-kwik elevator speech, too.

“I help little nobodies grow into future somebodies.”

Just be careful about where and when you say this, though.

While I may think this phrase is pretty cool, Cindy and our wedding bound daughters have already put me on notice.

They never want to hear me call any of our future grandchildren “little nobodies.”

Fair enough.

But inwardly I can’t wondering how Svengali would’ve handled this in his home.




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