Your school PR is judged by the consistency of your customer service – SCN Encourager

Treating people “right” 100% of the time is the fastest path to improving the public perception of your district.

Our February Lunchinar guest was Kentucky Superintendent Kelly Middleton.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.31.40 PMHe and host Holly McCaw provided 45 minutes of non-stop conversation about the benefits of amping up your customer service, and still today, the recommendations Kelly shared continue to ignite discussion in school PR circles.

That’s how powerful Kelly’s presentation was.

In fact, many business leaders agree with Kelly’s notion that customer service is the best indicator of your organization’s commitment to effective marketing, despite many districts not yet establishing it as one of their monitored benchmarks.

Like Kelly, I’m predicting today’s Lunchinar guest, school PR pro Jason Wheeler, will also toss out a few ideas and perspectives that’ll stretch our comfort zones.

That’s tyically what happens when your hear about new thinking and new ways.

(Of course, I try to stay contained in my comfort cage by blaming my “slow to adopt stuff” behavior on illegible note taking and not actually being able to remember what “those new ways” were in the first place!)

So here’s the scoop about today’s 45 minute free Lunchinar that kicks off at 12:15 pm EST.

I hope you can join us if you haven’t already signed up.

We’ll have a fun conversation with Jason, for sure.

Just shoot me an email by 10 am if you want in.

That’s EST, by the way.

(I think Texas boy Jason should be getting out of bed by about then!) 


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