Whatever your politics, this video tool will work wonders! – SCN Encourager

Swivl is a great running mate – whether you’re on the left or on the right.

It will follow you around and help you easily connect with your intended audience.

And while political moderates firmly planted in the middle obviously won’t utilize the best of Swivl’s primary features, that’s okay.

Moderates need to get their videos up and running on the speedy-kwik, too.

Swivl will even work amazingly well for someone like me.

You know… someone prone to frequent round-a-bouts and communicating in circles.

Take a look at this made-exclusively-for you video introduction and you’ll see what I mean.

Swirl is design fit both your presentation style and “video posting” time frame perfectly.

The possibilities are endless.

As you may know, I’m the communications coordinator for Holland Public Schools (MI). All year long I saw Dave Bast, our tech integration specialist at Holland High creating great things with his students using a “goofy looking device” that I had never seen before. Since my office is located about 100 yards from Dave’s classroom, I had the opportunity to pester him nearly every week since September to record a tech tip for SCN about Swivl. He and one of our English teachers finally agreed to give it a go when school was not in session. Thanks, guys!

Dave evidently must believe that SCN will on the school communications scene for quite awhile.

When he sent me that link to his Swivl video, he told me not to badger him for any more tech tips for SCN until five years has passed.

Now, how’s that for a vote of confidence?

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