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What should you do when no one will listen to you? – SCN Encourager

Well, stop banging your head against a brick wall. Surrender! And then… pass the pressure of being the primary messenger onto someone else. Why? Recent studies show that people will often believe a message delivered by a peer to be much more trustworthy than the exact same message coming from the leader of an organization or its paid…

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It’s Friday. Time for the last “School PR” crossroad. – SCN Encourager

We’re not finished with our own series of daily crossroads, though. We’ll always have those. It’s just time to move on. But I’ve enjoyed fooling around with the whole crossroads topic this week, for sure. When you start counting all of your “this or that” decisions throughout the day, it’s astounding how many times you find yourself standing before a crossroad…

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Bracketology and how I’ve achieved perfect work & home life balance – SCN Encourager

It has nothing to do with choosing winners I’m NOT talking about basketball. My NCAA Tournament Bracket went to crap about 12 days ago. But I’m still keeping an open mind about all the fuss with brackets, though. Todd Herman – the insightful life coach I wrote about on Friday – recommends “bracketing” to his high profile clients to similarly pair off their personal…

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