Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Flipagram to Create a Video w/ Photos on Your Device

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.56.04 PMHey – happy Tuesday on this short week!

I’m back to share more with you on Flipagram.  Today’s tutorial looks at how to create a Flipagram video with images that you already have on your phone or tablet. I created a video of our SCN staff that you can find here. Plus, I mix in a little bit of Jim’s tutorial from last week when he showed you how to add music to your YouTube videos.  Hope you find this helpful!

As always, my best suggestion for getting more comfortable with technology is to play around with it. Maybe you can even practice a Flipagram over Thanksgiving – the food spread on your table, the craziness of Black Friday shopping, the foot and a half of snow you have…the possibilities are endless!

(The following disclaimer was mandated by the savvy SCN legal counsel ($14.53 per hour): My 2.5 month-old was snoozing next to the computer while I made today’s tutorial. You may hear a few coo’s in the background!

As always, email me at with any questions you have about using Flipagram!

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