Did you remember it’s Tech Tip Tuesday? (Need a “Remind”– er?)

Using Remind to Connect with ParentsI keep my iPhone around me more than I’d like to admit.

But it houses so much of my life/brain: my calendar, text messages, emails, to-do lists, documents, shopping lists. The works.

And with all of the different communication apps, text messages are still the ones that I see–>remember–>respond to.

Maybe that’s why I love using Remind in my classroom.

Remind helps both my students and parents stay up-to-date on classroom events, upcoming homework, and all of the fun stuff we do in class – many of the things my 8th graders somehow “forget” to share with their parents

If ever you’re asked how educators communicate with a new generation of parents, Remind is a tool worth pointing out. I hope my tutorial about Remind helps.

If you have questions (about Remind or my recent series on making screencasts), please email me erinl@scnforyou.com or find me on Twitter @ELucky9.

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