The SCN Encourager – Friday, Nov. 9. 2013

A mason’s brick probably has more immediate impact than we do.

Our school district has been in the midst of extensive building renovations and technology upgrades for several years. Lots of planning and hard work went into the various projects. Tours are now given to supportive community members. In fact, several school design publications have recently awarded two of our projects top honors. It’s exciting to be a part of this – especially to witness the immediate positive impact our brand new learning environments have had on school pride and culture.

Do I wish that our school communications and our intentional steps to foster relationships could have a similar sudden impact? Of course! But in sharing the daily happenings occurring in our midst, we’re adding yet another level of value to the story of our schools. We rarely see a positive result right away. Day-by-day, person-by-person is okay.

Tom Page, SCN managing editor


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