Who to thank on Labor Day. – SCN Encourager 9/2/2013

Enjoying the day off? Thank President Grover Cleveland.

He signed the bill that made Labor Day a national holiday back in 1894.

From his portrait, though, you can’t tell if he was all that happy about it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 10.49.50 AMBut at any rate, he didn’t stand in the way as a handful dedicated labor leaders and many thousands of hard working rank-and-file men and women actively promoted the purpose and channeled the momentum that got this legislation passed.

Growing up in Flint (big time GM town), it shames me to admit that I know so little about the significance of today.

I’ve always connected Labor Day to the pennant race, a family cookout, going Back to School, and the kick-off to another emotional roller-coaster season with the Detroit Lions.

Pretty shallow, I know.

But hey, at least I’ve remained consistent over the years – and I’m hoping against hope that this counts for something somewhere.

Because I wanted to learn more about Labor Day so that I’d have a worthwhile tidbit to include in today’s Encourager, I ran across this speedy-kwik “11 photos with captions” slideshow in Chicagonow.com (where Chicago blogs). It’s offers a beneficial click-through.

Granted, I’m usually surfing for things like “where Chicago eats” so I’m as surprised as you are that I discovered this.

What adds some extra value to this particular Labor Day info link is that it comes out of one of the regular blogs on the Chicagonow.com site called “Tween Us.

This blog covers topics specifically relating to parents with kids in the “tween years” – kids who are 8-12 years old.

The “Tween Us” link above will take you to a list of an interesting “Back to School” series, which might give you an idea or two for one of your upcoming social media or district website blurbs.

Yeah, I know seems like lightning has struck twice, with today’s link from me actually providing two useful pieces of information.

We’ll get back to normal on tomorrow… or will we?

The 2013-2014 school year is underway!

Rest up and enjoy your Labor Day.

We’ll be back to helping make great things happen in our schools in just a few hours.

Tom Page, SCN
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