The delegate count still remains stacked against me. – SCN Encourager

But a couple more weddings could shift the odds in my favor.

Love is patient.

page family at 5.44.38 PMYou’ve heard this said before.

Dozens of times.

But after Saturday I’m seeing its meaning in a whole new light.

Sure, being the father-of-the bride is draining – both emotionally and financially – but I now see a benefit on the horizon I’ve never imagined before.

I’ll no longer have to go through life being out-voted in my own household by 4-1.

With new son-in-law Joel fresh on the scene, there’s bound to be a seismic shift in the math, so I now have high hopes of seeing more 4-2 family votes going on around here.

And all I can say… it’s about time!

So if my other two girls will now just play their cards right (with a bit of subtle nudging from dear ol’ dad) I can finally see a future where the odds are totally even.

PoohOther fathers may be reluctant to see their daughters get married.h

Not me.

I see potentially significant electoral gains.

Now admittedly, this trend is probably way “too micro” (that is, way too self-serving on my part) for futurist David Zach.

But we can all find out at tomorrow’s lunch’n’learn Lunchinar.

I hope you can join us.

For future-shaping school leaders and communicators, our conversation with David couldn’t come at a better time.

I doubt if Lunchinar host Holly McCaw will ask David about the relevancy and real-world impact of my recent wedding & family vote revelation.

Holly’s the mother of an all-girl household –

and I’m fairly certain she likes the math in her home just the way it is.

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