The marketoonist’s take on “customer experience” – SCN Encourager

What are the odds?

That marketoonist Tom Fishburne would poke some fun at “customer experience” during the exact same time I am highlighting our January 22 “customer service” Lunchinar.

I guess this proves for a fact that great minds really do think alike!

I only wish I had one of them. Dang it!

As of course, I’m talking about the insightful Fisburne and our whizbang Lunchinar leaders Holly McCaw and Kelly Middleton!

So make the time join in the fun for 45 minutes next Tuesday.

You don’t want to roll into the new year without adding a few new approaches, do you?

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It’ll be interesting to see if Superintendent Middleton echoes Fishburne’s belief that it’s often our own organizational silos that cause us the most grief.

That’s the big question this master-grief-causer wants to know!