The pivot from QR codes to smart logos – SCN Encourager 7/2/2013

Murphy’s Law for Technology #392-A

The moment you actually acquire a good understanding of a technology related concept, process, practice, tool, app, or help desk protocol only precedes the next moment in which “it” gets changed forever.

It’s the law.

But at least this time around Forbes provided a heads-up for all of us who are planning to increase the use of QR codes (with linked video) in our upcoming school marketing projects.

There now may be a new technological development worth following.

Certainly, the idea to move away from unappealing, block QR codes to more stylish “smart logos” is a fantastic one. (See. I can spot great ideas. I just can’t think ’em up!)

Here is the Forbes article from June 25.

You’ll probably see some exciting possibilities for “smart logos” for your district.

Me? I’m taking this all pretty slow.

I’m not sure I want our district to have a logo that’s smarter than its school communicator.

Tom Page, SCN
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