The SCN Encourager – Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

When I went on Google yesterday, I saw this greeting right below the search box: ‘Tis the season for get-togethers. Invite the whole family to hang out

This is somewhat different than what I had it mind. My wish for you is to be able to get together over the holidays with your loved ones without the direct assistance of Google +.

During this holiday break – and while our classrooms are quiet – I’ll only send out about 2 or 3 “Encouragers” between now and January 7. (The perfect gift to you, right?)

One story I know you will enjoy over the holidays is Kym Reinstadler’s follow-up with Dianna Boyce, now on Dianna was the communications director for the 2012 Super Bowl. Just use your member log-in or the free trial option to read it.

No kidding. Take a five minute break sometime in the next 10 days and check this out. It’s fascinating reading, especially for all of us who can imagine what it must’ve took to get 8th graders involved in pitching Indy’s Super Bowl bid package to millionaire NFL owners – all within a tight time frame.

Kym re-constructs Dianna’s “student ambassador” playbook so well that it got me thinking about how my own district could better “pitch” the business leaders in our community who we hope will partner up with our schools in 2013.

Also – some of your fellow school communicators have also sent in some book recommendations. Those are coming your way soon, too.

Thanks for your continued interest. I appreciate your encouragement!

Tom Page, SCN managing editor
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