The SCN Encourager – Friday, January 11, 2013

The NFL play-offs and your school crisis response

Yesterday morning – on the very day I sent out that long overview of my recent school crisis response experience to you – I cut myself shaving. Here’s why.

I was listening to Herman Edwards, the ever-energetic former NFL player and coach, on ESPN radio. Naturally, all of the talk focused on the big play-off football games coming up this weekend.

Edward’s was asked what advice he would give to NFL coaches and players as they headed into these pivotal “loser go home” contests, given the reality that these games are played in much more stressful, media scrutinized, and pressure-packed environments.

His answer jolted me, especially in its simplicity.

He said, “I’d tell everybody; don’t change the cha-cha.”

He briefly expanded on this: Head into the eye of the storm with a firm grip on your plan. Just stay you. Follow your normal routines. You’re part of a team. You’ve practiced. Embrace the challenge. Don’t change anything. When you are able to catch your breath at half-time, then make changes if you need to. But keep playing hard together. Do your best. Analyze everything later.

“Don’t change the cha-cha.”

How can you not love everything about this line?

Tom Page, SCN managing editor
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