The SCN Encourager – Monday, December 3, 2012

Who isn’t shopping now? So don’t miss the school communication ideas all around you.

The holiday season is crazy busy for school folks – so who even wants to think about school stuff on those rare occasions we’re actually away from classrooms, athletic events, plays, and concerts? And, oh yeah, let’s not forget about our meetings, our jam-packed calendars, and our growing project lists. What kind of warped mind would think about school stuff while out and about window shopping and gift buying for loved ones? (Oh, oh. I just stumbled into my own trap!)

In today’s Encourager, I’ve linked up an article for you that Kym posted on our scnforyou site a couple of months ago. It features her visit to the Moosejaw headquarters in Madison Heights, MI (dynamic retail) and her tour with Moosejaw’s Gary Wohlfeill. The difference between planning fun shopping experiences for customers (part of his job) and planning engaging positive user experiences in our schools (part of our jobs) does not have to be a big one. Here is the article. I’ll bet you’ll come away with more than one idea.

Hope you’re off to the start of a great week.
Tom Page, SCN managing editor

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