The SCN Encourager – Monday, January 7, 2013

Lawsuit filed against school district policy.

What fantasy land twilight zone am I living in? While I thought all of us would be able to enjoy a peaceful, non-media interrupted holiday break – boy, was I wrong. (yet again, I know…) Take a look at this January 2 article in the Detroit News and you’ll see that a number of our colleagues rolled into the New Year right from where they left off– working!   “Parents file suit . . .”

Many of us were probably elated when our students safely left for home on that final school day in December. The predicable aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy combined with the unpredictable reactions (sporadic as they were) to the whole Mayan apocalypse countdown really had some people on edge and this carried into our schools somewhat.  And when some people “out there” are on edge – it doesn’t take long for all of us to kick into high alert in response. Such is the way it is now. We are wise to always initiate every reasonable precaution without hesitation.

On the last school day before the holiday break (Fri., Dec. 21) my own school district experienced an all-day power outage at one of our K-7 schools as well as a total lock-down at our high school. While I threw away my “it can’t happen here” notions long ago, this was a strange day in several new ways for me, and I’ll will share more about this over the course of this week. (Heads up. More opportunities to learn from from my mistakes coming your way!)

Today, I just want to wish you a great start to your 2013. I wanted to offer some insightful New Year’s-type tips and advice also, but I really can’t beat what our SCN “Huddle Up” leadership coach Mark de Roo wrote in his column this week. He offers you something surprisingly simple. Take his challenge.

Tom Page, SCN managing editor
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