The SCN Encourager – Monday, March 4, 2013

March is “testing” month. Let’s keep this short and easy.

The questioning cliché “What in the world?” may serve as a good reminder. (At least it does for me, since questions are usually easier for me to come up with than answers.)

From a foundation of many years of business experience and leadership along with thousands of hours devoted to serving on non-profit boards, Max De Pree penned the book, Called to Serve.

And one of the principles he emphasizes is “An effective board stays in touch with its world – whatever its world is.”

So it’s worth asking, what is your organization’s world? How would you describe it? Where are its primary “touchpoints” for students, parents, staff, and newcomers?

It’s interesting that DePree believes talking about and clarifying “our world” will foster some fresh new perspectives for us, beyond what our defined mission statements may offer. 

So I better take back my second sentence where I wrote that questions are easier to come up with than answers. Coming up with the right questions is tough work, too.

Tom Page, SCN managing editor



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