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Times of transition and challenge place higher expectations on our schools.

But I don’t think this fact will get us invited to more backyard BBQs.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.45.58 PMIt does spark an increase in the scholarly news you’ll see about the relationship between the investment in education and its economic impact.

For me – without the easy reference of a box score or the names on the back of uniforms – most scholarly news presents plenty of challenge all by itself.

So usually I just try to avoid it.

But I want to offer you this link to Dr. Phillip Brown, a British social economist.

He’s got a unique perspective on the dynamic intersection where job skills, wages, global economics, and the future collide.

He’s even created a special name for what happens – the global auction.

His article is well worth your time.
(But I know that’s easy for me to say, right?)

Dr. Brown uses the financial uptick and its resulting job growth in Singapore to make his case.

And to be frank, I struggled to get through the entire article.

But this is not to diminish Brown’s points in any way.

I just got tired.

Some of those longer, but well-intentioned explanations of Proposal A have the same effect.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.31.14 PMWhat really caught my attention in Dr. Brown’s article (and kept me going!) was the sidebar positioned down on the left.

In this sidebar Dr. Brown talks about his own journey in education and the advice he’s given to his own college-aged kids.

I could totally understand this part!

His thoughts on how young people might want to pursue their dreams are spoken just like a regular dad.

He doesn’t give any ivory tower economic razzmatazz.

I liked that.

But it also made me wonder about the fatherly advice I’ve passed along to my own daughters over the years.

I think I might’ve fared better had I tossed in some of that ivory tower economic razzmatazz.

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