You probably already on this. (But if you’re not…) – SCN Encourager

Your students may soon be giving you back their school-issued devices.

(At least that’s what I’d try to do if I were in your high school.)

You see…

the typical way of handling “snow days” is starting to change.

Bit by bit.

Snowflake by Snowflake.

It’s happening.

Snow days are changing.

(Dang it! Is nothing sacred anymore?!?)

So if you’re a school leader who occasionally must grapple with daily life in a frozen tundra, this brief article from Edutopia is worth a quick click and scroll.

You see?

This proves once and for all that I’m actually capable of passing along something to you that is useful and trustworthy.

It’s sort of an experiment.

Cindy said it’s something I should try to do during this season of Advent.

Okay, I said.
(Trying to make it appear like I was also listening to Sunday’s sermon.)

And heck, why not wander outside of my comfort zone and give “useful and trustworthy” a spin around the block?

I’m a seasoned school communicator, right?

What can be so difficult about trying to serve you better?


this experiment is now kaput.

It’s officially over.

I hated it!

And for someone like me with a vocabulary of about 53 words max, the push for “useful and trustworthy” even gave me a headache.

Useful and trustworthy may be great for you.

But for me?

Sorry –

it’s back to “rambling and convoluted” tomorrow.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –