Tuesday Tech Tip: It’s the “VS” that brings OPO to life!


Long Live OPO!

If you watched my previous video on the birth of OPO (#onepersonoffice) you may have noticed the format: whiteboard with hands darting in and out with drawings and nudges. The software used is VideoScribe, which provides a refreshing change from PowerPoint slides.

I’ve had pretty good luck with VideoScribe, other than some hair pulling over morphing images.  You can download it for $29 a month. Then, if you wish, cancel the subscription until the next time you want to create a whiteboard presentation.

One caveat:  use VideoScribe sparingly. Otherwise your audience may start groaning when your presentation ISN’T a PowerPoint.

Next week, while we wait to see what Fiverr is doing to promote our OPO character, I will delve into morphing with VideoScribe, the quirky function that nearly left me hairless. Do you have questions or ideas? Reviews of OPO? Contact me at: jimc@scnforyou.com

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