Your tweets. The new Myers-Briggs? – SCN Encourager 10/11/2013

Your tweets may be revealing more than you know.

Especially if you’ve tweeted out more than 200 times.

I know your secrets!

Check out this headline.

IBM researcher can decipher your personality from looking at 200 of your tweets.

Better yet.

Read the full article.

It’s somewhat sobering.

It’s also a reminder that we have more than our digital tattoos to worry about.

20 seconds is all this IBM researcher needs to analyze your tweets and profile your personality with 90% accuracy.


I know you don’t need that much time or even five of my tweets to assess my personality, but still… for the most part, isn’t this amazing?

And halfway through the article a stunning statement of fact is made.

Not that the fact itself is such a stunner, but that IBM actually thought it was is the stunner.

Certainly, no school person anywhere would consider this sentence a bombshell.

“So far, IBM has gone through 500,000 different people and found that no two people are exactly alike.”

I sure didn’t like reading this news, though.

I’m now having to change my plans.

I had planned to start searching Twitter in earnest on Saturday to see if I could find someone “exactly like me” out there to help me write even more Encouragers to send your way.

Swell. Another one of my grand schemes bites the dust.

I hope you carry your good fortune into a fun and relaxing weekend.

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