We’re all umbrella holders in some way (with a few of us wackier than others) – SCN Encourager

As school leaders and communicators we serve a noble purpose.

It’s true.

I came across this photo and thought of you and me.

In a sense, aren’t we all umbrella holders who attempt to shield and protect our schools, people, and programs from the frequent storms that come our way, be they from the legislature or from life in general?

Wouldn’t you agree? 









I came across this photo on a very interesting (and useful!) website called: Once Upon a Picture: Images to Inspire.

If ever you need to get your people pondering what’s possible and coming to grips with their value – even if it’s just to jumpstart yourself – it’s well worth a peek.

I like it because every photo comes along with its own set of 4-6 questions.

As always, Easy and Peasy are two of the top three criteria for something to be beneficial to me.

My third requirement toggles between “comfortable” and “not too embarrassing.”

And I plug one of those in depending on the situation.

Now…  go stay dry today!

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