Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Buffer to Pre-load Tweets

BufferI’m an expert procrastinator.


I’d  like to think that I live for the adventure of last minute deadlines and that I operate well under pressure.

But more than likely the main cause of my procrastination is my two kids and husband, my full time teaching duties, this tech gig for SCN, and my work on my second master’s degree.

All of these create looming – and often last minute – deadlines,

I value being able to do some things ahead of time when I’m waiting for a doctor’s appointment, watching a morning news broadcast (or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), or even while I’m walking on the treadmill.

This is where Buffer ( comes in.

Buffer allows you to pre-load and then schedule your social media posts. After we rolled out the Tweetables last week, Tom asked me to check it out and see how it would work.  A few superintendents and others wanted to know more about it.

After exploring a bit, let me tell you it’s awesome. You could take a half hour (if that) and load up your entire Black History Month tweets for the week…all while watching TV.

So snag yourself a Buffer account (available in web version and an app) and get started using the tutorial below.

As always, if you still need some help, shoot me an email at

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