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It’s strong stuff. Almost a little embarrassing.

It comes from Chris Brogan.

You might remember him.

I’ve written about him before.

His expertise in marketing, networking, and business building has earned him a place on a number of Fortune 500 boards as well as the short list of highly sought after conference speakers.

When I heard Brogan speak at a seminar in Maine a few years ago, one of his key points was it’s actually good thing to be the dumbest person at the leadership… one willing to ask questions and make the effort to understand what’s going on.

And you know me.

I considered that a big time takeaway.

(Especially since I can carry out the first part of his advice without breaking into a sweat.)

It seems Brogan, like Gary Vaynerchuk a couple of days ago, also has some strong notions about how we use our time.

For one, he says we only work about three hours a day.

Yep, you read that right.

But he’s got his own research to back it up.

When he factors out chit-chatting, unplanned phone calls, the years we spend in meetings, clowning around on the internet, assorted interruptions, and getting pulled into other people’s issues, Brogan figures most of us devote only about three hours per day to quality work time.

What makes Brogan unique here is that he recommends we embrace this and lean into reality.

He points out the individuals who “get ‘er done” day-in and day-out are those who habitually carve out their “three hours of quality work time” by blocking out and protecting nine 20-minute bursts on their calendars.

Now Brogan’s no utopian idealist.

He concedes none of us are immune from interruptions, distractions, and other bits of socializing and minding other people’s business.

But he believes each one of us has the capability to “ink in” three hours of dedicated and focused personal work time on our daily calendars and fight like the dickens to keep it.

And why not?

Many of his clients who have done this have reported great results.

So say no more.

I’m going to “ink in” one hour of dedicated work time later today and see what happens.

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