What’s the biggest battle facing you today? – SCN Encourager

You know what they say about choosing your battles carefully.

I sure do!

For proof –

Here’s my track record!
(AKA = my real-world box score)

When I tally up all of my assorted skirmishes on the home front over the years (both major and minor, cross-tabbed for all categories: marriage, finances, and children), you’ll see my won/loss record is as clean as the proverbial whistle.

It’s 0 – 2394.

Perfection, baby!

Sure, I realize this highlights that I’ve never won anything at anytime.

But no worries.

I’m an “A for effort” kind of guy (in my mind, anyway), and with the truth now on the table, don’t we all have our own variations of “bigger battles” to contend with each and every day?

And many of them we share.

Certainly we’re no strangers to the daily tussles over the limits of time, resources, and energy.

What’s new?

But more and more as school communicators, we’ve now got to be more mindful of the Battle for Attention and the Battle for Mobile as well.

If we never catch the attention of our intended audience in the first place, all of our wonderful word-smithing and well thought-out messages will only have minimal impact.

Attack your ATTENTION foe straight-up in your early planning and you’ve got a shot at victory, my friend.

But make sure you’ve also got your backside covered by speedy and responsive MOBILE capability, too.

Those are the two battlegrounds that need to be on your priority map.

Now I’m not saying I’m the expert at any of this… but I’ve got a few ideas to toss your way.

Even sad-sack palookas with a perfect goose egg records like me have learned something!

And my #1 lesson is this.

If you don’t know how to battle and actually win – at least give the appearance that you can!

And thanks to the crazy-silly website Photofunia, I’ve got this base covered.








See how easy it is to show the world you’re ready to do battle in the Game of Jesters!

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