Why you matter (without getting all philosophical about it) – SCN Encourager

By Tom Page, SCN Founder | The Encourager

You’re a leader.

You’re a communicator.

You’re a critical cog in a grand cause.

Not a bad reminder that YOU are the message, is it?

Now… if you’re wondering who the heck is John Meese?

Good question.

He’s a young member of Michael Hyatt’s leadership mentoring team.

I think John’s recent 4 minute Twitter video on the Dollar Shave Club’s marketing rebrand contains several steal-able, copy-able, and mimic-able ideas.

You might be surprised to find a few, too.

Now in full transparency.

I must point out that I’m a proud member of the Dollar Shave Club myself.

So, you see –

some clubs will let me in!

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About the Author

Prior to launching SCN I was the communications director for Holland Public Schools in Holland, Michigan for 20 years. The challenges for in-the-trenches school communicators are many – and if I can help you in any way, give me a call. I'm a former teacher and I've managed more than 100 election campaigns of all types and sizes over the years. (I was even featured in the Wall Street Journal... a very, very slow news day, no doubt!) I created the School Communicators Network because I believe the noble purpose of education deserves the best marketing and PR possible. And there's a lot of talent and expertise we can tap into! I'm also convinced we can support each other while remaining human and having fun, too. You can reach me at tomp@scnforyou.com.