Would you “double-dog dare” your students to do this? – SCN Encourager

I’m sure you do… everyday!

But you may be too shy in telling people about this. 

Dare to Imagine

You shouldn’t let the current season of standardized testing obscure one of the most precious gifts you strive to instill in all of your students, something that ranks above the acquisition of a skillset –

and that’s the gift of empowered choice. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.04.31 PMI think that’s pretty cool.

Some people try to limit choices and options.

Not you.

Everyday you work to be a choice expander for the next generation.

There’s a part of me that believes we should also work to be choice expanders for ourselves.

I hope you know what I mean.

Because I won’t elaborate any further on the point.

When I told Cindy I was going to write about “daring” and “choosing,” she advised me not to push my luck.

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