Wow! Here’s a group of our kindred spirits from 1912 – SCN Encourager

School communicators were hardly the first folks in history to feel “the overwhelm.”

No way.

Check out this photo.

It shows a bunch of workers standing under the massive propellers of the Titanic.










Sometimes when I stare at my pile of projects and deadlines I get a sense of what they must’ve felt.

One projects I’m currently in the midst of – perhaps like you –  involves helping to get our district’s website ADA compliant.

This is a biggie.

Luckily, I’m not standing under the massive weight of the ADA’s requirements alone.

Nor are you.

The Michigan School Public Relations Association ( is sponsoring an action lab in the Lansing area on Thursday, June 29.

Because the sole focus will be on creating ADA compliant pdfs and other documents, MSPRA and director Gerri Allen deserve another big time shoutout.

They’re awesome.


The last day to register is Friday, June 23, so contact Danielle at MSPRA if you’re interested.

I really got a kick out of this photo.

I wondered what it would’ve been like to have been a PR pro back in 1912.

No doubt I would’ve bravely manned my heavy tripod camera, standing about 150 feet away from the Titanic’s shadow, while shouting, “Hey, you guys! Stand right there under the ship for a few minutes. And hold still, dang it. I gotta get a good photo for the prelaunch newsletter!” 

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