Yikes! We’re competing with cat videos, Kanye and Kim? – SCN Encourager

And you thought it’d be smooth sailing after Thanksgiving, right?


No such luck.









The saying “There’s no rest for the wicked” definitely applies to us… the wicked school communicators that we are.

As we’re in a daily communications battle of epic proportions.

If ever you’re feeling overwhelmed and more than a bit harried – there’s good reason.

It’s not the stress of Cyber-Monday.

The demands placed on us really can’t be helped.

But they can be better understood.

And you might find clicking over to the full infographic beneficial.

It reminded me (once again) that Context is King and we live and work in an incredible age.

This info-pictorial from Social Media Today is logical, complete, and simple.

I even found it elegant.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-7-37-26-amNot that I know what elegant is or what shape it should take.

But I’ve written 1167 Encouragers to date and have never used that word before.

Besides, I’m embarrassed to have used the word “dang” more than 200 times.

It’s time to start strategically scattering in some loftier words now and then, I think,

just to see if I can somehow bump the classification of my writing up and out of the “cretin” category.

(Cindy and the girls have been encouraging me to do this for quite some time.)

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