You’re not alone. How’s that for good news? – SCN Encourager

And there’s even more good news to tell you.

school communications story at 11.19.08 AMYou’re on the right side.


For you’re a part of a worthwhile, world-changing cause.

You’re not alone.

This photo and 23 others were featured in a recent article in Lifehack.

You should see it.  (It’s in speedy-kwik viewing format.)

You’ll feel good about your purpose, why you chose to be an educator, and you’ll be off and running into a super weekend.

In the Lifehack article, they re-state the “a picture speaks 1000 words” cliché.”

And their 24 photos prove it.

But you know me.

I took this up as a personal challenge.

So, get ready!

I’m going to write like a maniac over the weekend and send 24,000 words your way.

Not everything can be good news, right?





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