Yowza! We’re launching Tech Tip Tuesday (Today!) – SCN Encourager

My “journey toward average” is heading in the right direction.

circular labyrinthOkay.

My path may still look circular to any of you who live in one of those gigantic fancy-dan tree houses you see on TV.

But down here at school office level, I’m ready to make my move.

All summer long, our small band of SCNers has been discussing how we can better support YOU and other school leaders and communicators.

You work hard to promote your programs and people.

We wanted to come up with more ways to share do-able and actionable resources.

So, today we launching our first Tech Tip Tuesday.

I’m very happy to introduce you to middle school teacher Erin Luckhardt, from Boyne City Schools and the Char-Em ISD.

When Erin agreed to be on the SCN Team and take the lead in creating tutorials on our website of interest and value to school communicators, I felt like the Publisher’s Clearing House spokesperson (with camera crew in tow) just knocked on my door.

Erin is that awesome.

Please read her bio in our SCN team roster and you’ll see what I mean.

She’s a creative and tech-savvy young teacher and I’m looking forward to learning from her myself.

Her first Tech Tip Tuesday tutorial is about Canva, a robust, yet easy to learn graphic design tool.

I’m not going to miss a single one of her short lessons.

I’ve got a lot to learn and I’m grateful for Erin’s basic step-by-step approach.

But I’m still going to hedge my bet somewhat and be listening for that knock on my door.

I can always pause Erin’s video for a bit to pick up my prize-winning check!





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