Yowza! The future sure gets interesting when deadlines arrive. – SCN Encourager

Fortunately, not all come with high emotion attached.

I’d be in trouble, otherwise.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.27.24 PMBut my calendar’s sure getting crazy.

We’ve got a tremendous Lunchinar coming up next Tuesday with futurist David Zach.

But Holly McCaw, the communications director at Otsego Public Schools, has it all taken care of.

And the only thing remaining is for you to sign up (schedule permitting).

So that’s not what is getting me worked up.

It’s probably the fact that my youngest daughter is getting married on Saturday.

Ol' me and Katie

Ol’ me and Katie

Yeah, that’s it.

Whenever the future and an always-and-forever commitment cross paths, there’s always a lot to think about, don’tcha think?

For all involved.

It’s a funny feeling to see Katie so excited about her wedding day.

She loves Joel and he loves her so that’s about all I could ever hope for.

It wasn’t all I was hoping for, to tell you the truth.

I was also thrilled to find out that Joel shares my passion for Detroit sports.

Now I can start getting excited about Katie’s wedding day, too.

So let the rapid countdown begin.

(And in case you’re wondering, I’m talking about my checkbook balance, not the hours and minutes ticking off until Saturday’s exchange of rings. I’m just kidding, ha ha… for the most part.)

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.56.41 PMBut there is one “generational” thing I’ll never figure out.

Just like so many of their young friends, most of Katie and Joel’s engagement photos have an element of danger contained in them.

It seems like every young couple goes out of their way to stage their “lovey-dovey” photos on high bridges over rivers, mountainside cliffs, beaten down back alleys, aerial cable cars, and other edgy scenarios that would have me holding my breath.

It’s not because I’m a wimp.Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.02.28 PM


Maybe it’s a little bit of that.

But really, I just can’t imagine Cindy and I ever posing for a “lovey-dovey” photo together while standing on old bridge high above a raging river.

If we did…

you’d probably see another “husband vanishes” storyline in a future Dateline NBC Real-Life Mysteries show.

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